Co-ordinating to support offshore and onshore logistics operations

About Us

As a fully indigenous West African marine logistics company, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services that streamline your supply chain and optimize your cargo transportation. Our core services encompass inland container barging, marine logistics and consultation, haulage, and warehousing, all of which are executed by our highly skilled and certified operations personnel and crew members. Our state-of-the-art barging operations adhere to the strictest IMO guidelines and international standards, ensuring the safety and security of your cargo at all times. With a fully functional fleet of barges and trucks, we are equipped to handle all of your marine logistics needs and guarantee efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Trust us to navigate your cargo from shore to shore with expertise and professionalism.




Business Approach

At Knots-Global Shipping Company, we strive to grow our business with
honesty, integrity, hard work and efficient service delivery and let our
services speak for itself.

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